• Lee Larsen

Just One Little Piece of Satan's Plan

New AIDS Cases Reported

California: 10.2 cases per 100,000 people

Nevada: 10.6 / Texas: 10.7 / Tennessee: 11.1 / N Carolina: 11.6 / Mississippi: 13.1 / Georgia: 14.1 / S Carolina: 15.6 / New Jersey: 16.9 / Delaware: 18.0 / Louisiana: 19.4 / Maryland: 19.9 / Florida: 23.7 / New York: 24.6 / District of Columbia: 119.8

The risk of death from HIV is over 10 times greater between male/male partners then in any other high risk AIDS related death categories.

The cost of AIDS treatment is approximately $38,000 per year and can easily exceed $600,000 over the course of the patience’s lifetime.

This cost is indirectly and directly passed onto the people through higher health treatment costs, higher premiums, and increased taxes levied at all levels of government, because quite often the patient is unable to afford this financial burden.

This is most certainly a tragedy that has taken the lives of millions worldwide and caused so much pain & suffering for so many.

Hollywood and the media came together like no other to raise awareness and financial support for this cause. “We must educate and find a cure for this terrible disease that is claiming so many innocent lives.”

Now that there are drugs that can hide the virus and extend life out for many years Hollywood has gone silent, but truly the pain & suffering continues.

They were quick to claim that this is a crisis that is affecting everyone and we all need to come together, to be compassionate & understanding and to fully support every effort to find a cure.

They helped to perpetuate Satan’s plan to deceive us all. To distract from the practices that God warns us of in order for us to embrace what was to come, and that is the full acceptance of any type of self proclaimed being and relationship that our minds can create. Now the possibilities are endless and so are the ramifications. Satan has the welcome mat out and his gates are wide open. Once you are fully inside (which means you have departed this world) there is no turning back, but for now you have a choice as God’s arms are open wide. So all you believers out there now is your chance to save lives through showing the love & grace of Jesus to everyone in your community and invite them to your place of worship. Through simple surprisingly refreshing acts of kindness shown to the everyday people of your community you, with the help of the Holy Spirit, can easily accomplish this! All the kindness ideas, what to say and where to do them, along with sharing card templates that you can customize & print off are all apart of the FREE PACK Outreach Program from Acts 1:8 Ministry. No catch, no donations accepted for the program, just loving encouragement to get out there and bring Jesus to life in our much needed world! Just go to for the free program download. God bless!


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