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About Acts 1:8 Ministry

The foundation of Acts 1:8 Ministry is built upon God's Word and our call as Christians to share His message of love and grace.



At Acts 1:8 Ministry, we equip Christians all around the world to evangelize in their own communities through our free Planned Acts of Christian Kindness® (P.A.C.K.®) Program. Our program allows Christians to share their faith and the love of God in an easy and non-threatening way. P.A.C.K. directly links the source of this loving kindness to Jesus Christ and invites the recipient to your place of worship through the Christian Kindness Card.


We have equipped thousands of Christians in all 50 states and in 116+ countries, touching hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide with God's love through Christian Kindness. Christians in the United States and western countries share God's love by doing Planned Acts of Christian Kindness, such as giving away flowers for Valentine's Day and free gas on holiday weekends. Christians in third world countries typically have a more humbling approach by giving away the most basic things of life: food, water, and medical resources. Any Christian located anywhere in the world can participate in P.A.C.K. by customizing the program to match their resources and the needs of their recipients.

We welcome you to take part in this journey and spread God's love through Christian Kindness to the ends of the earth!

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