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Our Impact

Help us turn the world green!

We have equipped Christians to evangelize through kindness in all 50 states and in 116+ countries.



For one of our Planned Acts of Christian Kindness events, my church group visited a center where orphaned children are raised by government. We handed out bar soap and toothpaste to all of the kids and workers. We explained that we were showing God's love for them and 245 people gave their life to Christ that day.


Our Church Evangelism Team went to one of the laundry mats in town with lots of quarters. We paid for peoples' laundry and also gave quarters to the register clerk to take a couple of dollars off of peoples' tickets that dropped off their laundry. Every time we do these P.A.C.K. events, we have new visitors at our church. Jesus said that if we lift up His name, He will draw all men to Him. I see that happening!


My church provides meals to the poor for our Planned Acts of Christian Kindness. God blesses our outreach and over 300 people have come to know the Lord and joined our church.


My life was forever impacted by Christian Kindness. My story goes back seven years . . . My arm was in a sling, my two sons were serving overseas, and I was worried about raking the leaves in my yard. I remember looking out my window and feeling stressed out about the leaves. About an hour or two later, a couple of young boys knocked on my door and told me that they raked my yard as a Planned Act of Christian Kindness. They were a part of a local church youth group. I always believed in God, but had never felt His presence this strongly. I rededicated my life to Christ that day. It's incredible how God intervened and literally showed up on my doorstep that day.


It is unbelievable! Our first P.A.C.K. youth party left a great impact within our suburb. We discovered that most young people in our suburb do not have basic computer skills. Therefore, I donated my old computers and challenged them to come for computer training every Friday. But, before the training, we always start with fellowship and reading the word of God. Then, we offer the opportunity to accept Jesus and be a part of the P.A.C.K. program in Africa! This is a Godly vision - within two months, we have turned our suburb upside down with P.A.C.K. activities.

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