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Acts 1:8 Ministry Shares 4 Ways You Can Serve Your Community

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

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Acts 1:8 Ministry, a non-profit organization, believes that the world only runs thanks to kindness to others. Offering your services and kindness to help your fellow human beings is not only the right thing to do, but it can help change your own life as well as the lives of others. You might want to save the world, but often the best place to start is in your neighborhood.

Small steps can lead to something remarkable; take it from Acts 1:8 Ministry – since its inception, the organization has worked with over 3,200 churches, groups and individuals in all 50 states in the USA and more than 100 countries around the globe.

Below, Acts 1:8 Ministry shares four ways you can serve your community in a meaningful way.

1. Start a business

One of the most surprising ways to benefit your community is to set up a profitable business. Volunteering and not-for-profit organizations play a vital role in society, but they alone cannot solve the less important but still urgent problems that require money to fix them. For example, your neighborhood play area may be broken and dangerous. Kids have nowhere to play. But play equipment is expensive, and charities might not be able to secure a grant. If the play area is derelict, chances are there are more derelict areas on private land nearby. You could start a business charging fees to clear junk dumped on empty lots, fix people’s fences and remove graffiti. The key is identifying problems in your community. Provide real value to people who are willing to pay money, and you will help those people while raising money for those less fortunate. If you state you are hoping to raise funds for a good cause, you may even get a tip. As an earning member of society, your power to benefit the place you come from is multiplied.

2. Offer companionship

There may be old or disabled people in your neighborhood who suffer loneliness. Many organizations offer companionship to these people, and they are always looking for new volunteers. You can meet fascinating new friends and offer laughter and good memories to someone who cannot easily help themselves. The stories and personalities that are often locked up in vulnerable members of society are an incredible resource, and everyone deserves someone to talk to.

3. Take care of pets

Many people do this to earn a little extra cash on the side, but you can volunteer if you prefer to. By taking dogs on long walks and looking after people’s pets while they are away, you benefit the animal and give their owners a little more spare time. They may be able to visit family, make hospital appointments, volunteer themselves, or take time for self-care, all because you were able to look after their pet for a little while. Pets provide companionship and love, and you may be enabling someone to enjoy that around the clock for just fifteen minutes of your time.

4. Volunteer

Never forget you can offer your time and skills to benefit your community. Charity shops, food banks, and outreach programs all need volunteers. If there are no organizations in your area, set up by yourself. Put ads in the local paper and make flyers stating what you are willing to do. Do not be afraid to specialize – if you are a handyman by trade, offer to fix people’s furniture or clean their windows for free. You can collect unwanted goods, hold a bake sale, and give the proceeds to charity, or offer childcare. The options are endless.

If everyone did a little more to serve their community, we would all benefit from a happier and more productive society. Giving to others is a fantastic experience that will create memories and build skills and is important for self-development as well as the help you will bring to others.


About Acts 1:8 Ministry:

Acts 1:8 Ministry aims to make it easy for Christians to share their faith and provide outreach across the globe. The Planned Acts of Christian Kindness® (P.A.C.K.®) Program allows Christians to spread the love of God in an easy and non-threatening way. The organization’s primary focus is to provide free evangelism tools to care, share and connect people to Christ through Christian kindness.

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