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Take Back Your Community for Jesus.

There is no easier way to grow both faith & Kingdom than through PACK (Planned Acts of Christian Kindness). A busy place in your community; do or give a pre-planned act of kindness to everyone that comes your way; share your Connect Card with them, smile and tell them to have a blessed day! You have just sown the seeds of the Spirit through loving kindness.

Your unusually refreshing free act of kindness from a stranger easily grabs the attention of passersby. Nobody does this, and by accepting no donations, you really making a statement. Thanks to the Connect Card that statement is that this all is coming compliments of Jesus, an expression of His love and a little taste of what His grace is like, as neither can be earned or bought at any price. On the back of the card, you provide them with an invite to come and learn more about Jesus at your church/school/youth program…. Care-Share-Connect!

You will find PACK to be a fun and refreshing experience especially when done with your friends! I can tell you though when you mix unselfish acts of kindness, and the power of the Holy Spirit amazing things happen! There are really no words that can adequately describe what you will experience. Because with PACK you love on all people many will look, pretty much like yourself. Basically, things are going well, that is until they feel God’s love touch them in this unusual way, time & place. You may witness an immediate transformation from smiles to tears in a heartbeat as the Holy Spirit easily opens up their heart to reveal what is really going on. A crisis that they are right in the midst of. You will instantly recall what uniquely special events that took place just prior that made this moment even possible and come to realization God is in charge. If these “God moments” only happened once or even twice you may think they are just by chance, but they will take place repeatedly, you just never know when. With each one God will reveal a different part of His awesome power and love. This is how doing PACK over time builds both faith & Kingdom.

We at Acts 1:8 Ministry were called by God to both do PACK and to freely share & encourage all believers everywhere to do the same. We accept no donations for the PACK program download. We so desperately need Jesus in our world today and there is no better way to deliver that message than through loving kindness. God bless.

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