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Be a Part of Building a Tsunami of God's Love that will Impact the World through Kindness!

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

That is the exact message you can share with everyone in your community and you can do it in a very easy non-intimidating way! Through simple surprising acts of kindness your group, in partnership with the Holy Spirit, can create that tidal wave of love and hope and grow it into a tsunami for the Lord!

Join believers in 108 countries around the globe who are sharing this message and inviting people to join them on their faith journey through simple and surprising acts of kindness!

It doesn't cost a thing. Simply sign up (no catch, no spam) at and the link to download our Planned Acts of Christian Kindness (P.A.C.K.) Program will be immediately provided.

Be a part of the tsunami of God's love to wash over our land and witness His renewal of our hearts and souls!

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