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Dads & Moms: Where Do Your Children See Jesus On Your Priority List?

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Parents we must lead by example even when it comes to that scary word: evangelism! What we are witnessing in our country and world today is a direct result of Christians taking God for granted and backing away from our responsibility to tell the next generation. We couldn't have let God down at a worse time. With the explosion of the electronic age the devil has clear access to our minds 24/7 and he is taking full advantage of it.

God called Acts 1:8 Ministry and the free P.A.C.K. Outreach Program into existence almost 20 years ago because He knew what was to come. A world filled with false teachings and an instant delivery method of spreading them. Where God is distant and the vast majority are self-seeking. A society where love for one another has gone cold. What better way to combat this than with love & kindness. Something so unusual & refreshing that people are automatically drawn to it. Simple practical acts of kindness performed for everyone while out in busy public places where Jesus is given all the credit as the source of these gifts and so much more. Let the Christian Kindness Card deliver God's message as it makes it clear that His love and grace, like the free acts of kindness, cannot be earned or bought at any price. Include a personal prayer that they come to a loving relationship with Jesus as their Lord & Savior. Suggest that if they do not have a place to worship they are welcome to come to your church/school/youth program... where they can learn more about the special love that Jesus has for them. Care-Share-Connect!

All ages and faith levels can easily do P.A.C.K., so it is a great way for families to come together and go out and share Christ's love with everyone! Simply go to: and sign up. The link to the program download will be immediately provided. No catch, no spam - just loving encouragement to serve our Lord in this most needed way. Please join with believers in 109 countries who are already using P.A.C.K. to share the love of Christ with everyone in their communities. God bless!

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