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Help Others to See There is Only One Path to Salvation

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

When it comes to guidance for our lives there has never been more opinions and suggestions then there are today. Why is that? We have become too smart for our own good. God, our all knowing, all powerful and loving creator has stood in our way of obtaining true knowledge. We are gorging ourselves on the forbidden tree of knowledge and have push God so far away that we are oblivious to His warnings.

We are free to gain more and more understanding of God's creation, but only when we function under His divine guidance. He is our creator and He knows our every weakness. He also is well aware that in our fallen world Satan also knows just what to exploit for his gain. It is only when we truly believe in Jesus, His love and His sacrifice that we are filled with His Spirit that provides us with the power of discernment and ability to overcome temptation. A constant battle where we fail at times, but are given the gift of forgiveness and the endurance to get back up and proceed on the path that the Lord has clearly laid out before all who believe in Him with their whole heart and soul. We are to help as many others as we possibly can to find and stay on the path that leads to our eternal heavenly home. By sharing the love and grace of Jesus with the people of our communities through simple acts of kindness we can help strengthen our own faith at the same time we are inviting others to join us on our walk with the Lord. By offering up a simple practical gift or a helping hand with a task we can easily show the love and desire of Jesus to have a closer relationship with them.

The Christian Kindness Card that is shared when you do Planned Acts of Christian Kindness delivers God's message as well as a warm invite to come to your church, school, or youth group activity. Please get P.A.C.K. (Planned Acts of Christian Kindness) started at your church and out into your community. The program download is totally free at . No catch, no spam - just loving encouragement because the world needs a whole lot more love, kindness, and Jesus! Amen!

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