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Let This Not Be Your New Norm!

As much as God was angered by our rejection of Him in the beginning His deep love for us still remains. His Word, His Son Jesus, and His Spirit all serve to guide us down a path that brings true joy, purpose, and fullness to our lives. A key component that God stresses is the need for us to love one another. With our words and actions we are to lift one another up. To show others the unselfish love that God in Jesus first showed to us. To lend a helping hand, to patiently and sincerely listen to the struggles of others and to bring the Lord near through a warm embrace that miraculously calms the soul. Even the simple sharing of a warm and caring smile with someone serves to lift one's spirit.

These things were already severely lacking in our world even before COVID-19 came along. Out of fear and panic from this latest crisis comes rhetoric that this needs to be the way things are from now on. These attitudes and actions serve to cause more psychological damage to our lives than any virus ever could. So please be patient for this to clear, spend quality time with God and your immediate family, and prepare for the time when we can soon embrace one another with God's love!

Because of this social deprivation people will be seeking God's love and the interaction with others more than ever. We need to be out there showing the love of Jesus to everyone and inviting them to come and be fulfilled with the renewal of their Spirit! We all can do this through simple acts of kindness and a Christian Kindness Card. This unusual and refreshing approach makes it so easy to do. Now is the perfect time to download the free program and begin planning what you will do in your community to warm the hearts of everyone trying to recover from this long and cold winter! Get the free program download at No catch, no donations, and no spam! P.A.C.K. (Planned Acts of Christian Kindness) is at work in 113 countries, so please help spread the "Good News" instead of fear and panic. God bless!


Acts 1:8 Ministry is a non-profit organization that trains people to evangelize through kindness all around the world. We offer a free Planned Acts of Christian Kindness outreach program that trains and equips Christian individuals and groups to do outreach in their own communities.

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