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Man's Failing Attempt at Creating Artificial Love for One Another Instead of God's.

Another mass shooting in Colorado Springs. 6 people killed and then shooter takes his own life. This took place after midnight (now being Mother's Day) at a birthday party. The gunman was supposedly a "boyfriend" of one of the women in attendance. There were children present but none were injured.

While few other details were provided this is an all too familiar of a situation. Maybe further complicated by Covid-19, i.e. loss of a job, financial stress...., but otherwise there is a very good chance drugs &/or alcohol were involved; an argument between the couple resulting in a break up or a reason to mistrust the other bringing jealousy into play.

Unchecked human emotions leading to uncontrolled anger. A tragedy for sure, but one no doubt started many years earlier.

Many will blame the gun, maybe social injustice by white supremacists, basically anything that can placed the blame on someone or something else. Areas that "man" can fix with laws, programs and money. Some will take this opportunity to denounce God as Why or How could He allow this sort of thing to happen?

The reality however is God is nowhere to be found because no one's heart was open to receive Him.

Where was God's word to let them know they are precious children of the almighty creator?

Where was God's word to tell them that each life is to be treasured & honored as His sacred temple and to cause any harm to another brings certain eternal punishment?

Where is God's word to let them know that they are loved and that love can never be taken away. That His words come to them out of love and serve to protect them and bring meaning & fullness to their lives.

Where was God's word in the hands of discipline coming from their parents teaching them right from wrong, not out of impatient or drunken anger, but out of love as Jesus first loved us?

Where was God's word that surrounded them with love & fellowship of others who shared in the Lord's blessings?

We cannot be a free society that is based on "Cold science" as what we have been bombarded with especially over this past pandemic year. We are witnessing the results of this Cold-hearted approach where society is trying to legislate and artificially create love for one another instead of having it come from the Holy Spirit that dwells deep within our souls.

Hollywood believes if we just see enough shows and commercials with mixed races, transgenders and affirming language that this will be enough to "reprogram" us.

If they really think this will work then why do they not believe that bombarding us all with anger and violence in all the rest of their program content doesn't cause the opposite affect? They know that this is a powerful attraction for people and it makes them lots of money, but they vehemently deny any connection to society's ills. Trying to have it both ways I guess.

Real life isn't Hollywood and God's word cannot be replaced by man's ways.

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