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October 4th is World Smile Day!

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

World Smile Day: A day dedicated to good works and good cheer throughout the world. "Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile!"

This is the perfect time to put P.A.C.K. into action! Whether you do a personal or a planned act of Christian Kindness, you will put smiles on the faces of however many people the Holy Spirit sets in your path! And these are not temporary in-the-moment smiles because they come from Jesus - His love, peace, and hope are like no other for they are eternal.

Taking a little time to share a simple, practical gift or perform a helpful task for someone that the Holy Spirit sends your way, can literally transform their lives because the seeds of the Lord's Spirit have been sown in a kind and loving way. The Christian Kindness Card delivers God's message as well as an invite to your church, school, or youth activity...places where they can learn more about Jesus.

The more you unselfishly let the Spirit work in and through you, the stronger your faith becomes because you will witness the heart and hands of Jesus at work right before you. This will come from people you would least expect and at a timing that will eliminate the word "luck" from your vocabulary! These are powerful "God moments" that you will never forget. The P.A.C.K. program provides all you need to begin and it is totally free. You can get your free program at What I can tell you is that doing P.A.C.K. will create many smiles, but the biggest one will be your own! God bless you on your P.A.C.K. journey!

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