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With Liberty and Justice for All?

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

The vast majority if not all of our founding fathers believed at least in a divine deity. The source of infinite knowledge and power from which all life was created. The definer of good and evil that is to be honored and respected. This was the cornerstone upon which our great nation was built. Our laws are God's Commandments. While they seem today to be based on simple common sense they take on a whole new dimension when they come from the all powerful and loving creator. When God is within our hearts and minds we are very much aware of His love for us and why He establishes boundaries for our lives. Ones that if we challenge or cross will result in pain and suffering for us, not from Him, but rather from ourselves in an attempt to go our own way. God loves us beyond what we can even comprehend, but like any good parent boundaries need to be set for our own good.

For many of our early years as a nation "God with us" was very much assumed and we had to heavily lean on Him as we struggled to survive. But as our nation began to thrive and expand it became easy to rely less on God and more on our own abilities. This is when the people spoke up loud and clear that we need to declare our allegiance to this great nation and to our creator who has and continues to bless us in abundance! A strong reminder that God and country come first as they witnessed the strong forces of greed, lust and pride rapidly infiltrating our society. The very things that God warns us about instead of being humble and thankful. We are strong and invisible when we serve Him in all that we do. When we use the words like "liberty" and the "pursuit of happiness" for all these can become very dangerous in a "free" society that has no moral compass. If we no longer can be guided by the moral majority, but rather solely by the rights of the individual we give the devil home field advantage.

Lets begin today to take back our home field advantage by bringing Jesus to life in every community. Drive out the darkness with God's eternal light through simple surprising acts of kindness shown unto all people. By loving on everyone through a simple practical gift or providing a helpful service everyone can receive a taste of what God's grace through Jesus is like, something that cannot be earned or bought at any price. Invite the recipients of your kindness to your place of worship, your school, youth activity, whatever you are doing in service to His glorious Kingdom so that they may become filled with His Holy Spirit. This is all made simple and easy to do through the free P.A.C.K. (Planned Acts of Christian Kindness) Program. No catch, no spam - just simply sign up for the free download at Join with believers in 109 countries who are already sharing Christ's love through simple acts of kindness and a Christian Kindness Card! God bless!

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